How To Tell If Your Air Ducts Are Dirty?

Air duct cleaning is crucial, especially in Western North Carolina. If you have noticed an increase in your electricity bill or your home is very cold or very warm, you need air duct cleaning. Air duct blockage can cause problems with heating and cooling, which makes it difficult for air to pass by to get sufficient air into your home. Your HVAC system needs to work hard hence increasing the electricity use. Let’s talk about how you can figure out if your air duct is blocked or not and some solutions to a blocked air duct.

Over time, dust will build up in your air duct, as that’s inevitable. The dust and grime will collect inside your vents and start to make the airflow difficult. While it’s trying to blow air out of its vents, the dust and dirt will fly around the system and further increase the blockage. Once you start to notice things such as poor air quality, or dust particles coming out of your air vents and or visible debris in your air vent, then there is a very high chance that your air ducts are dirty.

If you are concerned about your air vents being dirty or having a severe blockage, then there are some steps you can take today to assess your air vent’s condition.

1. Check Each Vent Individually

Start by checking each vent individually; make sure that the vent you are studying is open. If the vent is open and clear to use, but there is no air coming out, then your air duct might be blocked.

2. Look At Your Air Filters

Once you have checked your vents and have noticed no air is coming out, the next step would be to look at your air filter. Check your HVAC systems air filter, and if the air filter is too clogged, no air will pass thru.

3. Take A Look Behind The Vents

Remove the vent cover and inspect behind the vent to see if there is any blockage. Undersized or oversized items can fall into the vent and cause airflow issues.

4. Inspects The Ducts

Please look at the ducts themselves to make sure the pipes aren’t leaking air or have entirely become disconnected.

5. There Is No Visible Tape

When you assess the ducts, make sure that no tape has made its way inside any gaps. Make sure to remove any stuck tape and reseal the seam using the metal side of the tape.

6. Recheck

Always recheck to see you have left no stones unturned. We recommend checking at least twice.

If you have issues with airflow and have noticed your electricity bill has gone up, then chances are you have dirty air ducts. If you need professional help with air duct cleaning, then please get in touch with our team at Set It & Forget It HVAC Solutions In Hendersonville, NC. We are situated in Western North Carolina, and we are family-owned and operated

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